6 years at Dogs Trust working as Kennel Trainer and Adoption Advisor.

Fully assessed member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK Essex section at http://www.apdt.co.uk/dog-owners/local-dog-trainers


Member of Animal Behaviour & Training Council Essex section at http://www.abtcouncil.org.uk/register-of-instructors.html


APDT UK assessment passed with 49/50 points (98%).

Registered Assistance Dog Trainer.



Paul has 10 wonderful years experience working with pet dogs in homes and busy rehoming and rescue kennels, specialising in stress behaviours, fearful dogs and dog to dog interactions.






Simply put, if it is not fun for your dog or your dog does not choose it then we are not doing it. This means no shock or prong collars or any other aversive tools. The best way for your dog to learn is in enjoyable short bursts where he or she has chosen to be an active participant. It should be fun for the owner too" 


- Paul Lasky

"It is my true belief that dog ownership and training should be one of life's fun pleasures. I take great enjoyment from helping dog owners get to grips with training, and caring for, their canine family members. I am a force free, positive reinforcement and choice based dog trainer, which means I will work with you and your dog to find methods that are acceptable and fun for your dog.

MAPDT 01321

Beware of dog trainers or behaviourists that tell you a dog is being dominant. 

Dominance theory is an out dated, disproved 

method which coincides with a "one size fits all" solution and dogs are handled harshly. This is unnecessary and does not create a stable learning environment.