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Critical Puppy Window Blog 
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1-2-1 Puppy Development Plan

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Please read the Critical Puppy Window Blog, which explains why the first few weeks are so important.


Most puppies arrive home at around 8 weeks but only go to training classes once fully vaccinated at around 14-16 weeks. This period after arriving home is when a puppy's personality is shaped for the rest of their life. Behaviour problems can, therefore, imprint during this important period. 


This in-home puppy development course takes advantage of the learning window and prevents some problems before they arise. I will set your dog up in your home successfully, right now! If this period is spent without guidance puppies can form maladaptive behaviours that can last a lifetime. Sadly this is the position many dog owners find themselves in.This development plan will also have you ahead of the class in every area when the time comes to go to training classes. This will make it a much more fun experience for you and your dog.


The syllabus is 3 x 1 hour fun sessions (plus written materials and free phone support for a month) tailored towards your puppy's priorities. We will decide what order to l work through based on you and your puppy's individual needs. If you have concerns or challenges we can put those first.


Things that will be included: House training, puppy biting, puppy proofing your home, confidence building and avoiding phobias, socialisation, relaxation training, separation training, resource guarding, brain work, tricks, games, general obedience, problem solving, scent / sniffer games.


Puppy development plan £145


Please call or email to discuss and book. Payments are made easily by e-invoice once we agree on a plan