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Puppy Socialisation & Mixing Classes - fun, informative, safe


-Pure socialisation classes for puppies completely focussed on seeing, meeting, greeting and avoiding other dogs.

-Socialise and mix your puppy with other puppies and calm adult dogs in a safe and supervised fashion-Teach your puppy how to not say hello to other dogs (often more important than saying hello)
-Physical practice of introducing your puppy to other dogs in a safe controlled environment
-Learn about dog body language including when your puppy is worried and when your puppy is being inappropriate
-Learn what to do when your puppy is worried and when your puppy is being inappropriate
-Learn about lead handling when under pressure including 1m, 2m leads and longlines using KIND, FAIR and EFFECTIVE methods
-Meet other like-minded puppy owners
-Learn what to do in a dog fight. (Theory only!)

£30 an hour per puppy. Time to be agreed between the people taking part on that session. A variety of times available.
Location enclosed dog field at Purleigh (other venues available across Essex and Chelmsford if demand is sufficient)
Puppies must have taken part in puppy development plan. This way the dogs are fully assessed, I know their personalities, what dogs they will match with and they will have the basic skills needed to cope with such a class. Puppies must be on a harness.


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