Is your dog interested in making some pawket money to buy their own treats?

We’re looking for friendly dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours to help clients and their nervous dogs by accompanying us occasionally on a paid walk.

All walks will be attended and coached by myself. I am an APDT, UK full member and ABTC registered. All sessions will be on lead, fully controlled and from a distance. All you have to do is turn up with your dog and walk with us. See the video for an example.

If this sounds like fun, please apply with the button.

There will be a brief assessment, which will be a fun dog walk with between 5 to 10 dogs, to read your dog's personality type and find out what dogs they match best with.

What's in it for you?

-Help rehabilitate other dogs in the community, as part of a cutting edge team, committed to rehabilitating nervous dogs the kind and positive way.
-Meet other like minded dog owners
-Learn dog training tips and get paid for the privilege
-£5 per half an hour dog walk
-Free guided dog walk on the assessment

Main skills needed:

-your dog needs to be able to walk on lead with a dog a few metres to the side or behind them, happy with their bum sniffed occasionally and the odd bark. You need to be able to keep your dog's attention on you when needed.

As you know my name has become synonymous with positive, kind, fun, safe and honest dog training. Get in touch if you feel you would like to be part of this club to help other dog owners whose dogs are nervous, reactive or simply misunderstood.


Applications should be from anywhere as far south as Southend, as far north as Chelmsford and as far east as Billericay. Most of the time you will be matched to your local park or walking area although some driving would be appreciated but not essential.

Is it safe for myself and my dog?

Yes. The aim is for the nervous dogs to relax and slowly build resilliance. Therefore, your dog will be walking at a comfortable distance away from the nervous dog. Dogs that aren’t ready to handle this situation will be on a different learning pathway. Occasionally we will progress to a bum sniff if all dogs are comfortable.

Become An Assitant

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