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Puppy Training Classes - Bespoke, Personal, Fun, Socialisation.

Class Syllabus

Socialisation, puppy life skills, frustration tolerance, self-control, how to relax, house rules, equipment, dog on dog interactions, how to have a relaxing lead walk, not jumping up, scary objects, how to enjoy being handled, how to avoid behaviour issues, grooming, sit, down, leave it, drop it, recall, tricks.



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As a continuation of my 121 puppy development plan, my fun and friendly training classes retain much of the bespoke nature of my 121 services whilst simultaneously retaining all the positive benefits of a training class environment for dogs. This is achieved by having a maximum class size of four dogs, in a quiet venue where owners and dogs can feel comfortable to learn. Furthermore, they are child friendly, I actively encourage the kids to be part of the dog's life and this includes the training. 

Classes are large enough that dogs will benefit from socialising with each other but small enough that I can bond with each and every one of you and tailor the class to your needs. The classes are based on the ground-breaking Lincoln University Life Skills for Puppies course and are a fully assessed member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK, find me in the Essex section at

The ethos of the classes is very much a follow-on from 121 the puppy development plan. Strong emphasis is placed on socialisation to dogs, people and things. The primary goal of these classes, as with the puppy development plan, is to teach the dog and owner's life skills that will foster appropriate behaviours from the dog for the rest of its life. This includes self-control, manners, frustration tolerance, how to say hello to other dogs, when not to and house rules. Also covered in the class are all basic obedience exercises such as sit, down, leave it, loose lead walking and recall. These will however be taught with the real-world in mind and applied to real-world situations so that the owner has a very clear idea of when to use them and how.

My kennels and behaviourist background mean the classes are heavily focused on teaching the dogs how to fit in to a human world. It is my passion that if you take only one thing from these classes, it is how to make your dog a long-term member of your family forevermore and to avoid potential future behaviour problems through methods and styles of training appropriate to your dog.




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