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Paul at Dogs Trust

MAPDT 01321

More About Paul:


-Worked with over 3000 dogs for 6 years at Dogs Trust (trainer and adoption advisor).

-Extensive experience of a dog to dog introductions, specialising in lead reactivity.

-Extensive experience of a large selection of APDT UK trainers, methods and styles.

-Extensive experience of fearful and aggressive behaviours, large dogs and adolescent dogs.

-Extensive experience of matching dogs to homes.

-Straight A student in all APDT UK studies.

-Straight A student in all Level 5 (degree equivalent) Canine Behaviour and Management studies.

-Lincoln University Puppy Life Skills.

-Woof 2017.

-Tellington T-Touch workshops.

-Talking Dogs Scent work 1 and 2 workshops.

-Kay Atwood Canine Cognition Skills workshop.

-Puppy Culture workshop.

-Nando Brown scent workshop.

-A huge support network of some of the best dog trainers in the world.

-All 5* reviews.