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Dog on dog behaviour package

Dog on dog work can be time and labour intensive. This is mainly due to dog introductions being best done in short positive experiences which means more visits. It is admittedly my most expensive service and I do appreciate it is a significant upfront investment but please take the time to read the key details and see what is included, as the package usually amounts to about 6 to 7 hours of my time including driving. It is a fully comprehensive solution where I do my absolute best to ensure the client is in a much stronger position and covers face-to-face meetings, seeing dogs from a distance and general obedience, all of which is needed to improve the situation.

£295 one off payment

What's included:

-Initial diagnostic questionnaire, analysis and upfront advice to bridge the gap between booking and the first appointment
-1.5 to 2 hour initial assessment including getting to know the dog and client and general obedience. This is essential to carry out the subsequent dog introductions safely.
- 2 X 45 minute controlled dog introductions.
- 1 X 1 hour street desensitizing session. Again, this is essential as dogs react differently when seeing dogs from a distance vs meeting them face to face.
-6 months online support via email or WhatsApp, which I pride my service on. I urge my clients strongly, to take advantage of this, as there are many things we can tweak in real time on whatsapp between sessions, freeing up the sessions to learn new things. It has proved a hugely efficient model, significantly reducing the amount of paid face-to-face sessions needed and providing the continuity needed for maintaining momentum. (Replies each morning between 7:45am and 9:30am).
-Written materials including session summaries and info sheets where required
-Driving time
-The opportunity to be one of my training dogs (if suitable), linking up with and helping other clients who have had similar challenges as you.
-Saturday's +£10
-Although I do not try to sell clients sessions that they do not need, further pricing is at a discount as follows:
Loyalty rate £45 per hour.

-If a session requires a paid assistant this is an additional £20, although I try to use unpaid ex clients who have become training dogs.
-If we need to hire a private venue this is an extra £10, although I try to use public parks mainly to keep costs down and keep as much realism as possible.

Dog To Dog Package