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1-2-1 Recall and Loose Lead Walking Package

The recall and loose lead walking package is similar to the training package, except it is heavily focussed on two of the main priniciples every dog owner wants to learn. We can of course add in anything else you need.


Recall and loose lead walking package £145 3 x 1 hour sessions


The package is 3 sessions in which we will build and progress the principles of making you more interesting to your dog, so he/she wants to stay with you. We will turn it into a fun game for you both and therefore change what coming back to you and walking on the lead means. Once we get started you will find the frustrations of your dog running away or pulling on the lead, replaced with a new found mind set with which to train your dog.


Please call or email to discuss and book. Payments are made easily by e-invoice once we agree on a plan






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